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Responsive web design to revolutionize business websites

There is no need to worry anymore about the compatibility of websites in various devices as best responsive web design is emerging for an overall solution for uniformity.

How Best Responsive Web Design is all set to leave everyone spellbound

In the age of digitalization today, developing a business website has become the most mandatory task that needs to be carried out right at the beginning of the marketing itself. This serves as the basic platform to endorse any kind of brand or products and/or services of a particular company or organization. Owing to the profound presence of public in the internet and social media to be specific these days, websites are very prospective way of attracting the visitors in order to market the products/services. Therefore, with the advent of digital marketing, the task of website designing and development have surfaced since long and after being evolved through various phases of metamorphosis, the designs today have become much more customized and interactive. However, certain issues related to compatibility of the websites still used to prevail even till this day. In order to solve these issues, the concept of an advanced form of technology in the sphere of website designing known as best responsive web design has come into existence.

What is so ‘responsive’ about responsive web design?

Nowadays, the modern lives are flooded with electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops along with the desktop computers as well. It goes without saying that the type of basic specifications related to screen size, resolution, platform, orientation and other allied factors of these devices vary from one device to the other. Consequently, the response of the business websites will vary accordingly. It so happens that often a website that performs pretty well in the laptops or desktops does not fare well in the mobile phones or tablets due to compatibility issues. This can be very much detrimental in terms of marketing aspects because a considerable portion of lucrative visitors may lose interest in a particular website when it does not open even after multiple times of trying. Hence, the business is the ultimate sufferer for these kinds of problems.

How the issues were handled till date

Previously, the website designers used to struggle a lot in order to devise a feasible solution for such problems. They had to take care of several factors and design with separate features for different devices. Quite obviously, this is quite a cumbersome task for the designers as well as for the business people who had to spend more amount unnecessarily for the same website just to cater to the varying device requirements. This used to burn the budget to an extent that also used to affect the return on investment in the long run. Moreover, there is another issue where the shoe pinches in this regard. With the rapid advancements of technology, the electronic devices are changing with every single day and accordingly, the specifications are also dynamically getting amended with the passage of time. Therefore, it would be next to impossible to keep pace with this speed of technology if we always have to design the websites differently for different devices and their corresponding platforms.

Keeping in view the details of all these issues related to website designs for the businesses, therefore, a new technology was devised by the innovative website developers, which is precisely known as the Best Responsive Web Design. The main job of such types of web designs is to create the business websites in such a manner that those become responsive to the type of changing patterns and preferences of the users. In other words, the websites will customize automatically in the various types of devices without the need of any other external and manual effort by the designers. Hence, the website will be designed once and for all and after that, these can personalize accordingly.

Best Responsive Web Design

Rightly responding and rocking!

So, we have come across a brief overview of why the necessity of a responsive web design was felt by the website developers worldwide and how it gradually developed as an effective and efficient solution to serve the purposes of today’s transforming digital world. Now, the question is – how does this particular type of web design work?

Basically, this special type of website works with the help of certain predefined grid layouts, images as well as CSS media queries that will reorganize every time when a user switches from one device to the other by adapting to the resolution, screen size, image size, scripting abilities, browser versions and other characteristic features that keep varying from laptop to iPad and other electronic devices. This is indeed a brilliant technology as it is able to automate itself to such an extent that the user will never have to face any problem with websites no matter how many devices are changed. Added to this utility, there will be no need on the part of the website developer to develop different designs for different devices that not only takes up time and energy but also degrades the cost optimization of the businesses as well. This is the fundamental working principle of responsive web design.

Amazing architecture of best responsive web design

The ‘responsive’ architecture is in its most budding stage at present as the technology is gradually getting advanced to suit the demands of modern website architecture. The primary science that underlies the working of the best responsive web design is the working of fluid layouts, media queries and scripts that are utilized to develop the codes of website development. These can in turn help in reformatting the web pages as per the differing platforms of the electronic devices automatically. However, it is not just confined within the screen resolutions and images of the websites that can be adjusted and resized but encompasses even broader aspects of website designing. It is concerned much more in an abstract way of designing the business websites so that these can easily get accommodated into the various types of interfaces of the different types of electronic gadgets. Now, we will have a detailed look at how the various features of the websites get modified according to the changes in the environment of the electronic platform.

We play with the fluid grids, images and media queries

The theory of relativity is the base behind the working of the best responsive web design templates that solely comprises of fluid grids, images and media queries. Now, the basic idea that rules the responsive designing of the websites is flexibility. It is the magic that we create with these elements that help in making the websites run freely in any kind of platform.

  • We create the perfect page element sizing based in relative units such as percentages instead of absolute units of fluid grids like pixels or points.
  • Even images are crafted in a flexible manner that enables the images to get accommodated within all types of screens, resolution and other features of various electronic gadgets.
  • Apart from these two, the media queries are developed in a way that the CSS style rules of the varying platforms can easily get placed within these without any kind of issues and this in turn helps in seamless website functioning.

What makes responsive designing of websites more crucial is the fact that today, the magnitude of mobile usage has escalated to a large extent as compared to the normal internet usage. In other words, people are better versed with smartphones and therefore, it is necessary to have a perfect mobile platform based web designing structure so that anyone can view the websites on their mobile phones as per their free time and convenience rather always opening on the desktop or laptop. This is more like preparing an official website for the internet and solely professional purposes whereas customizing the same website for casual use in the smartphones so as to augment the popularity and in turn increase the website traffic. However, it has been found out that the website traffic enhances in a much more widespread manner in the mobile phone website usage as compared to that of internet ones. So, the ardent need of responsive web designing is of utmost importance in order to make sure that irrespective of the platforms, the websites are performing in a similar way by getting adjusted to the differing patterns of platforms of the different electronic devices.

Best Responsive Web DesignGetting to work with some related concepts for a much better website experience

While we work with these responsive web designing concepts, we come across several other allied aspects related to website designing that go hand in hand with the main part of responsive designing. These are broadly the JavaScript that runs behind the usual web pages along with a little more advanced technology known as the progressive enhancement and ‘Mobile first’.

Generally, the mobile phones are not quite responsive to JavaScript based websites that actually are the most popularly used technology in the domain of website development. So, in order to tackle this problem of mobile compatibility, we first develop the main website and then make those personalized for the smartphones and personal computers in a separate manner all of which are being taken care of by the excellent characteristics of best responsive web design.

  • There are certain features exclusively used for making the mobile respond to the websites in a proper manner. These are known as the browser or ‘user agent’ detection, which is also known as ‘browser sniffing’ along with mobile device detection. These are basically used to understand and study the compatibility of the websites with respect to HTML, CSS and other allied aspects of modern websites although the same works well only with device capabilities database.
  • On the other hand, there are some specialized JavaScript technologies such as Modernizr, jQuery and jQuery Mobile along with other updated web technologies like HTML5 that are increasingly getting common in developing mobile websites where content moves easily without hampering the visibility and readability of the matter contained in the websites.
  • Another key area that we work upon while designing websites based on responsive web designing concepts is known as feature detection although the reliability issues are there with using this feature as well.

Added to all these, we work or rather like to play with the images and other multimedia features of the website contents in order to make your website perform in a superior manner no matter what device you are using to open the same. The images are adjusted within the mobile websites by using the hiding and revealing mechanisms of certain parts of images for the mobiles along with the creation of sliding composite images and foreground images that keep scaling in accordance with the changing layouts of the mobile devices. All these are the main tenets of ‘flexible web designing’ with the help of fluid based liquid and elastic layouts.

A final foot note

After going through the main concepts of responsive web designing in a vivid manner, now it is time to understand the viability and usability of the websites in the pretext of the recent times.

As it can be seen that we are working with some of the most upgraded website technologies as of now that need to be catered to the concepts of responsive websites in a full-fledged manner so as to make these perfectly working for all the electronic device. Since this technology is still in its most nascent stage, therefore, we are hardly halfway through in the path of using the same for developing customized websites for the various electronic devices. But the sooner we start the better because technology will not stop progressing and so will the electronic devices that keep advancing with fresh features with the passage of every single day. Hence, it is our main motto to keep abreast of the latest developments related to website designing in a responsive manner in order to keep pace with the ever advancing technology of the electronic devices.

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