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Reasons to study for an accounting and finance degree

Studying for accounting and finance degree provides excellent graduate prospects and opportunities to work in some of the most prestigious companies and accountancy practices. Studying BSc finance helps you train and prepare for a business career and develops business awareness. Financial accountants offer all the skills needed by businesses and are in constant demand, making the field of accountancy a rapidly growing career option. Accountancy graduates often have the skills and expertise to move into other areas of business and progress up the career ladder.

More reasons to study accounting and finance degree

Check out more reasons to study for a degree in accounting and finance below:

1. Accounting and finance degrees are a great choice for anybody hoping to join some of the best graduate training schemes. Joining an established company as a graduate trainee offers a more structured training programme and greater opportunities for career progression and personal growth.

2. The accountancy profession is never likely to drop in popularity. Every business needs accountants and finance professionals in order to comply with relevant legislation and business procedures. You just need to keep updated on changes within the finance profession to ensure you’ll always be a highly prized and employable member of staff.

3. Accountants are the mainstay of any business or commercial operation. Graduate accountants can work in any industry or sector as the skills and knowledge they possess can be transferred across businesses.

4. Accounting and finance degrees complement a wide spectrum of additional degree subjects, so it’s possible to study for a joint honours degree in additional subjects, such as business or languages. Studying for a joint honours degree gives added skills and knowledge to transfer into the workplace.

5. Studies in accounting and finance BSc take a highly practical approach, giving meaningful experiences in business accounts and finance within simulated and real-life situations.

6. Many accounting and finance degree offers an optional placement year, giving you opportunities to work in the industry and experience all aspects of an accounting career.

7. Some accounting and finance degrees offer a year overseas, allowing students to experience the differences in other cultures and gain knowledge of the global financial economy.

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