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What is the Most Private and Secure Cloud Storage Service?

It is not always wise to trust anything so abruptly that one may regret it. When it comes to data protection and security, such trust issues are foreseen to arise. Just one bad decision and all of your finances, as well as trust investment, will go in vain.

Although cloud storage has created hype in the modern age’s IT and organizational structure, this does not mean that one must adopt it just to stay in the loop. Privacy and cyber-attacks are one of the prime hindrances to the proper enactment of cloud storage. It is so because public cloud storage is shared by many users and all subscribers save their data on the same servers, as all other public cloud subscribers are saving.

To cut this menace, the concept of private cloud storage is introduced. This type of cloud storage focuses exclusively on organizational needs and hence it is the ideal choice for enterprises.

In private cloud storage, companies or businesses can have their own dedicated cloud storage. Within that specified and customized cloud domain, no other subscriber can pool in their data. They offer in-house dedicated resources, self-service, customized control, and scalability. They are equipped with company firewalls and internal hosting to further enhance data security.

Private and Secure Cloud Storage Services

As it has already been conveyed that nothing should be trusted blindly. So, in order to be wise enough to choose the most secure and private cloud storage, all security features should be explored.

It must be noted that keeping in view the client’s expectations and importance of business data, almost all private cloud storage solution uses highly sophisticated 128-bit and 256-bit encryption algorithms.

There are different cloud services available today for getting private and secure cloud storage, and it mainly depends on the choice of the users to select the one that fits their requirements. The following are some of the popular cloud-based service providers that not only provide private cloud services for business but are secure too.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Being the most popular e-commerce business in the world, Amazon cloud storage space has a lot to offer for private cloud aspirants. It provides a secure, user-friendly, reliable and easily accessible platform for data storage. Amazon password protect cloud drive can easily be accessed over Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Keeping in view the storage needs of the companies, Amazon Cloud Drive has set its cloud storage rates with respect to per GB allocation. The service offers different tiers of storage with the range between 5 GB to 1 TB. A user can get 100 GB storage capacity for just $19.99 per year, while for 1 TB storage capacity, the user just has to pay $59.99 per year.

Apple iCloud

Upon initial subscription, Apple iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage. But since, 5 GB is nothing for the businesses so they can upgrade their storage preferences upon subscribing to different plans offered by iCloud, such as 50 GB is for just $0.99 per month, while 2 TB is of just $9.99 per month.

Apple iCloud Drive is not just cloud storage, it is instead an Apple’s wireless service too. Through these wireless services, the users can synchronize their email services, important files and can perform certain other business data backups.

It must be noted that going for an Apple iCloud Drive is an excellent option if your business or private usage employs mac devices. Otherwise, Apple’s excellent encryption, two-factor authentication, and reliable knowledge encryption provision would not be of any beneficial use.

Google Drive Enterprise

Google Drive Enterprise is an excellent choice for businesses looking to have private and highly secure cloud services. This ease of collaboration and smart cloud service offers great interoperability to the MS Office 365 and other suite products.

With the employment of Google Drive Enterprise, users can enjoy unprecedented control over the privacy, migration, and compliance of their business data. With Google Drive Enterprise automatic syncing, the user can stay assured that everything is being backed up and is consistent over all connected devices.

Another exciting thing about Google Drive is its easy access for shared files and collaborative features. This feature is very important in lieu of business and organizational setup because any content made by one team member can easily be shared with other team members. The team can then collaborate on that document or file and hence files sync becomes digital and smarter.

Google Drive Enterprise provides customizable plans for businesses where the estimated price for 1 user with 10 GB storage is $6 including Google’s exceptional encryption and handy security features.


BOX cloud service is designed exclusively for the business collaborations and to assist corporate workflows. For instance, BOX business edition lets the user customize the permission mechanism by specifying which person can access your files, view or edit the robust permission enabled files.

In addition to this, the business version of the BOX integrates a lot of work programs and allied cloud storage services. This includes the integration of BOX cloud for enhancing the online workspaces as well as mobile workflows. Furthermore, BOX private cloud services also offer access to other highly encrypted and secure business mobile apps.

BOX cloud services can easily be accessed over the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. On just paying $17.30 per month, user can get unlimited secure cloud storage.


SpiderOak cloud service is specially meant for business purposes and is secure enough to save the business from any collateral loss. SpiderOak provides ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and end-end encryption to let the users stay assured of the safety of their data.

Keeping in view the huge storage requirements of the business, SpiderOak offers 150 GB for $6 per month and for 2 TB, the price goes to just $14 per month. But there is one downside of using SpiderOak and that is the slow data center uploading and downloading rate. But critics argue that this speed is still better than most of the enterprise private cloud service providers.

SpiderOak cloud services can be accessed through the highly secure client end software. These special security arrangements make them highly private and secure.

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