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How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Website?

Pursuing a lower Alexa rank is indeed very difficult to most new bloggers.

Some bloggers are really smart and talented to get Alexa rank below 50,000 in a short span of time. But most of the times, it’s difficult are really smart and talented to get Alexa rank below 50,000 in a short span of time. But most of the times, it’s difficult.

How to get good Alexa rank quickly?

Is there any trick or short cut to improving Alexa?

Can I boost Alexa rank rapidly?There are a number of questions that strikes your mind before you start your new blog or website.In this article, there are some useful tips which will help you boost your Alexa quickly in a right way.But,Before start how to increase Alexa rank of your website, let’s check what is Alexa Rankings?

What is that Alexa rank?

According to Alexa,

“Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.”

It’s a comparison to all other websites to know how your site is doing! However, though rank is a relative measure, your website’s rank doesn’t only depend on that site’s traffic, but also on changes in the traffic on another site. Alexa provides metrics to find out the quality of any particular website.Quality website design brings traffic and page views are the crucial factors of Alexa ranking.

Remember— more is the traffic; more will be the Alexa rank.

The algorithm of Alexa gives more value to the system and natural traffic. Your site ranking will get enhanced, when Alexa toolbar is already installed in your visitor’s web browser visiting your website.

How is the Alexa Rank analyzed?

The average daily visitors and pageviews to every website are estimated daily for over the past 3 months. The web site having the highest combination of visitors and page views in the last 3 months gets ranked better or in No. 1 position. The website with the least is ranked in lower ranks; somewhere in millions.

So, how to increase Alexa rank of your website? — Top 7 Ways!

For boosting your Alexa ranking, you should be practical in your strategies and plan your every step carefully to be successful. Having good Alexa ranking, you can even ask your current advertisers for higher prices and entice new advertisers at the same time. If you wish to improve your Alexa ranking, there some things that can be done to reach there right away! Remember for moving your Alexa rank up, you have to bang someone out. You’re striving for someone else’s position and you better be eager to do what all it takes to attain a higher ranking.

1- Verify your website/blog on

The first you need to make towards improving your website’s Alexa rank is to simply sign up in and create a free or premium account there. Once you verify your website /blog at Alexa, you can add the address of your company which will improve profession & credibility your sites have.  It will be helpful to get more advertisers, just because they can see that you are not a spammer but a trustworthy one.

2- Increase your site Traffic

Having unique visitors in your site will automatically boost website traffic. Initially, the most important thing you need to do is to get on the first page of the SERP with alexa traffic rank technique , NOT the black hat way! You can boost your site’s by using SEO plugin with these quick tips

  • Properly use anchor tags and keywords.
  • Perform on-page and off-page optimization perfectly.
  • Get quality back links to your site.
  • Try to attain paid traffic using Google Adwords.

3- Set up Alexa Toolbar offers a toolbar with which you can easily check the Alexa page rank of the sites you open in your web browser. Alexa toolbar collect details the hits on your website gets through the web browser, when your website/blog is opened in the web browser with Alexa toolbar installed. It’ll significantly increase the Alexa ranking in a short time.

4- Create your Alexa Rank widget

It’s one of the easiest tricks of improving Alexa ranking. By adding an Alexa rank widget on your site/blog, people may indeed hit it to know more about your website’s traffic statistics. Whenever anyone visits your website’s stats of Alexa, it can count and thus help you increase your website’s Alexa ranking. Nowadays, many blogs and sites have added Alexa rank widget, not only for showing their credibility, reputation and authority, but also to significantly boost their Alexa traffic.

5- Regularly write quality content and create quality Backlinks

This is a must have tips from almost all the SEO ExpertsDeveloping a quality, relevant and 100% unique content assists in increasing the web traffic to your website/blog. Additionally unique content will build a strong relation with your readers and help you get good traffic for long-term. Remember search engine loves new and unique content and they prioritized the published content depending on their freshness and uniqueness. Secondly, get good quality backlinks to improve website traffic and page rank. Writing qualitative content will make you gain more popularity.

6- Submit your site to directory submissions

Directories let you add websites category wise. It will assist everyone to build popular inbound links. High-quality back links indeed play a crucial role in improving the PR of a site and thus improving the Alexa ranking. Submit your site/blog to the top directory submissions.

7- Don’t forget Social media Networks

Keep sharing your websites blog post in different social networks. This assists in getting more visitors. Thus, you can boost the Alexa rank of your website in no time.

In a nutshell

Improved Alexa ranking of your blog or website is actually a results in traffic assess on the site. Traffic using the Alexa toolbar is crucial in this track. As such, there’s no relation between Search Engine Rank Page and Alexa. All that matters and makes an effect is the TRAFFIC. If a website has higher visibility in the SERP, then obviously there will be more boost in traffic, thus leading to better Alexa ranking.

Remember— Greater the Alexa ranking, more popular will be the website. More popular a site is, higher the traffic will be, which will ultimately lead to more increase in the Alexa rank.

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