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Hire Mercedes to Make ‘GRAND’ Wedding Entry

Mercedes has always associated itself with class, the C class, E class, S class all of these cars have a certain persona and image that it comes with. Driving any type of Mercedes gives the driver comfort, luxury and in some of the range power and a lot of it too.

When making plans about your big day the wedding day, the entrance is by far one of the biggest decisions to make, it has to be just perfect. The entrance needs to be grand and it needs to be remembered for the next few years by your guests; it has to be a type of entrance that will make you feel special and make you feel the like main person of the day which you are. Choosing the right car is always a big decision, do you want power, luxury, comfort or some class? Mercedes has the whole range in order to make you choose from.

Why Is Mercedes Benz Car Hire UK So Famous?

The luxury, comfort, and elegance come with the Mercedes S-class, the beautiful designed outstanding S class gives you all the reasons to hire this in order to make your grand entrance. It has the back seat reclining seats with heated seats and comfortable design allowing the passenger to feel like its in a world made from Mercedes. The experience of sitting in one the best luxury cars ever made by Mercedes is by far something unexplainable, you have to experience it to know it.

Mercedes G63, you could call it a tank, a huge tank which will really make heads turn around, its loud its powerful and is an amazing looking car, the word grand really suits this car if you are making an entrance to even a restaurant it will be grand. The size of the G wagon and the military look really makes you feel mean and important, it’s a car which can be used for every occasion, it has the all round capability you can be driven in this beast or you can drive it yourself the feeling would be the same the entrance would still look as grand as possible. The power and mean look really makes you wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to hire this Benz for a grand entrance on they’re wedding, it’s a car which would get attention from a mile away from its size and the noise it makes, it would make people look twice at it just to see every detail and would definitely raise ears after hearing the sound of it.

Mercedes Benz Car Hire UK

Everything You Need To Know About Mercedes Benz Car Hire UK.

Mercedes provide its customers with more performance cars which come under the banner of AMG, such as C63, E63, G63, GTS and so on, all these cars have enough power to satisfy everyones need. It has more than enough noise to make gusts on the wedding really impressed. Making a grand entrance with any of the AMGs will never disappoint you with the power and speed these cars provide the company have really put in all their efforts to ensure that customers who are driving these cars are enjoying every single bit of it.

Hiring one of these cars in London will really make your day worth every penny you pay for the hire, and if its just for the entrance of your wedding… your partner will definitely be impressed. The way the cars are made, the engine it comes with Mercedes have really made a point that is not always whats on the outside that counts, the inside does too.

The three AMGS for the grand wedding entrance

As mentioned above there is a huge range of vehicles Mercedes provides you with, however, if you had to choose three cars from the fleet of Mercedes for a grand entrance what would they be?

Mercedes G63, as mentioned above about the details of this car, its big, its powerful and it has an image of turning heads around. It as the capability of making anyone feel important or special. It may not be the most comfortable car to be in for lets say a long journey due to its hard strong body, but it is defiantly a car you will enjoy when driving or being driven in, being high up above from many cars on the road has never been as fun as it is when your in a Mercedes G63.

Mercedes E63, probably the most comfortable out of the three AMGS, its fast and powerful, with nearly 550 BHP it has all the speed you would want from a Mercedes, but it comes with something extra and that is the comfort. E63 can be driven for long hours, you can drive it or be chauffeured in both aspects its as comfortable as you want it to be with massaging seats it gives you all the benefits whilst on a long journey. This is definitely a car to hire for a grand entry on you’re wedding.

Mercedes C63, may not be so comfortable, may not be so economical but out of the three, the most loudest AMG, when making that grand entrance be aware you will be grabbing a lot of attention, people will be looking at you and some will be very impressed as the Mercedes C63 makes a lot of noise and arguably this noise is amazing.

In conclusion when making a grand entrance on your wedding, these three Mercedes are defiantly to be considered, getting attention and some head turners these three beauties will not let you down. Driving in the busy streets of London will really make you feel good and special for your day of the hire.

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