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How can a Law Degree benefit me?

Complete a law degree and work in prestigious law firms

Plenty of professional colleges in the city of London are offering both, under- and post-graduation courses in law aiming at improving the skills and talents of the students to the highest standards. If you want to study law in England and become a barrister within a few years, you should decide to choose one of the best colleges which offer a full-time law degree course.

There are certain factors that you should take into account before making your final decision on choosing the college you will apply for. Some of them are listed below: 

Reputation and popularity of the college

First factor which you should consider before applying for a course is the college’s reputation. If you are new to the country and looking for one of the best law colleges, you should first visit the school in person, take a virtual tour of the premises and engage in the students’ discussion forum to get the best insight.

When you visit the place in person, you will get lots of useful and vital information that are related to a law degree. You should scout for the law colleges in London which have continuously met the expectations of the students. You will get a better insight when you explore their official websites.  

Brand names, ranking and popularity

When it comes to Law colleges in London, brand names and ranking play an important role. Check whether the college that you want to apply to comes under the top twenty in the Higher Education institutions ranking or has gained immense reputation and popularity among students and employers. Stay away from start-up law colleges or colleges which have bad rankings.

Experience the faculties and teaching methods

Reputed law colleges in London will have years of experience and expert knowledge in their field. You should find a law college which houses talented pool of faculties, those who have rich experience, dynamism and skills in teaching. You should also give weightage to advanced teaching methods that are adopted by such institutions. Explore the course curricula, structure of the programmes and so on. This topic will be explored at length in the subsequent paragraph.

Analyse and examine various courses and contents

If your aim is to score maximum marks in law degree, you have to take sincere attempts to explore the course contents. It is worth noting that scoring distinction and above in law course is a tough task and you should analyse pros and cons of the educational institution before making advancements. Some of the basic and advanced degrees that are offered by popular law colleges are listed below

  • LLB which is a Bachelor of Law
  • GLLB which is fast track course towards a degree in law
  • LPC which is a law practice course
  • QLTS which is a qualified lawyer transfer scheme

You can also choose the degree which meets your expectations and comes within your budget. When students complete LLB (Hons) Law from renowned college, they will get maximum credits and also get campus placements.

You can also get job offers from some of the reputed law firms, chambers and offices with the best salary package. You can find legal firms which offer part-time jobs to law students and pay them a decent salary.

Extracurricular activities and leadership skills

If you are seriously aiming at studying your law degree in reputed colleges, you should also check whether they motivate the students in various ways. Usually, an established law college will conduct leadership seminars, international conferences, paper presentations, quiz competitions and so on and motivate their students to a great extent.

You can quickly develop interpersonal, communication, leadership, coordination and other essential skills within a short time.

Career advice and placement assistance

Students enrol in law colleges intending to get placement in some of the reputed law firms, law chambers, courts and other companies. Check whether the college has a separate career department and a work placement assistance.

Some of the benefits of a law course completed in England and Wales are listed below.

  • Open doors to a solicitor or barrister career.
  • Opportunities to open own legal firm in rapidly growing cities of England.
  • Possibilities to work as interns in solicitors firms or other legal companies.
  • Probationary legal officer placement in a licensed barrister house.

Once the law graduates gain few years of work experience they can quit the existing post and join in some other legal firm which offers attractive designation and salary. There is a huge demand for lawyers in England and it will only grow in the years to come.

You can be working on a training contract for a few months in famed legal firms immediately after finishing the course. During the probation period, you will receive a stipend amount, and once you complete the probation, you may be offered a permanent position.

Those who are studying a law degree in certified colleges may also get offers from foreign countries. Do not hesitate and decide to do a full-time law degree course immediately and get placed in some of the world-class legal firms. Practising law in the city of London will be a great experience for fresh law graduates. They will learn the intricacies of civil and criminal law from senior attorneys and lawyers and become stalwarts within a short time.

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